Taurus Mothers

April 20th – May 20th

Taurus Sunsign

Taurus Mother : Earth Sign

  • The Taurus moms are always hard working.
  • Taurus moms are usually of soft and sentimental nature.
  • They are also very affectionate and protective.
  • This Mother’s Day is the right occasion to help her to take a day off.
  • A well organized Mother’s Day party and other such activities will add all the joy and happiness to her life.
  • Taurus moms love rich and sumptuous food.
  • So let the menu of the Mother’s Day party be left to her choice only.
  • A little sensory extravagance and your entire attention would surely be enough to please such moms.

Gifts For Taurus Mothers

Taurus moms could be made happier and joyous by wrapping the gifts in attractive and bright papers. They just love being presented with gifts like:

  • A bouquet of tropical plants
  • Colorful Flowers