Scorpio Mothers

October 23rd – November 21st

Scorpion Mother : Water Sign

  • Scorpion moms have an individualistic attitude.
  • The most important quality of a scorpion mother is that she is the best friend of her children.
  • She always helps her children to confide their thoughts and problems in her.
  • She is all in one as she is your mom; your best friend, your teacher, your role model and also your guardian angel.
  • This Mother’s Day is the ideal time to tell her that she is indeed a great person.
  • This is the time to honor her with a calm, pleasant and cozy dinner along with the closest members of the family.
  • This is also the ideal time to appreciate her about being a multifaceted woman.

Gifts For Scorpion Mothers

The taste of Scorpion moms invariably goes towards loving plant life. So, for her perfect gifts are like:

  • Different varieties of flower,
  • Medicinal plants and
  • Herbal plants