Leo Mothers

July 23rd – August 22nd

Leo Sunsign

Leo Moms : Fire Sign

  • Leo mom takes immense pride in her family.
  • For her the perfect Mother’s Day would mean a grand gathering of her near and dear ones.
  • To make any event memorable for her, try to bring all her children and close relatives together.
  • Despite a number of people have gathered there but she must be made to feel that it is really a special day.
  • All the people who have gathered there should narrate some exciting and memorable experiences they ever shared with her.
  • She should be cajoled to sing some of her favorite songs.

Gifts For Leo Mothers

The sunflowers are the one of the things on the earth that define the Leo mothers completely. The Leo Moms feel elated and joyous when presented with gifts like:

  • Sunflower blossoms and
  • A card made by you