Gemini Mothers

May 21st – June 21st

Gemini Sunsign

Gemini Moms: Air Sign

  • Gemini mothers are generally quick witted.
  • They have that sixth sense which let them know not only of you but also of your plans.
  • You simply cannot surprise her with your imaginative Mother’s Day plans.
  • These mothers are generally playful and forthcoming.
  • Such mothers like to enjoy a cocktail party with all of her closest and dear friends.
  • One must not take the Gemini mothers and their emotions too seriously because they themselves do not take these things seriously. Gemini mothers are usually fond of reading.

Gifts For Gemini Mothers

You should find out her favorite author and present her with some of her/his good works not read by her because a typical Gemini mother loves gifts like:

  • A bouquet of bright and
  • Colorful Flowers Books