Aquarius Mothers

January 20th – February 18th

Aquarius Sunsign

Aquarian Moms: Air Sign

  • Usually have a large circle of friends and are very proud of them.
  • They also engage themselves in the world, thereby extending their nurturing instinct.
  • One thing is very peculiar about such mothers that they are more outwardly and different as compared to other mothers.
  • They are devoted.
  • And they not only give their children space but also encourage their independence.

Gifts For Aquarius Mothers

For the Aquarian mothers the best idea for celebrating Mother’s Day is to take her out for a lively dinner with some of her closest friends. The companionship and attention will certainly make her day. Aquarius mom appreciates being grounded in reality. You can please her with the gifts that she really loves like:

  • Strange gifts,
  • Heartfelt surprises and
  • Almost anything that will augment her soul and keep her eager mind centered.