Mother’s Day in UK 2023

In the United Kingdom (England) the Mother’s Day is celebrated as the ‘Mothering Sunday‘. The United Kingdom will celebrate ‘Mothering Sunday’ (Mother’s Day), 2023 on 19th March.

Mothering Sunday 2023

In England the early Christians used to celebrate the Mother’s festival. They celebrated this festival in order to honor Mother Mary, who is the mother of Jesus Christ. They decided to celebrate this festival on the fourth Sunday of ‘Lent’. ‘Lent’ is the 40-day period, which leads up to Easter. It is interesting to know that later a religious order stretched this holiday to include all the mothers into this festival. And hence this occasion was named as the “Mothering Sunday”

Gradually this festival gained so much importance that people working out of their homes were expected to return to the “Mother” church. The “Mother” church is believed to have the spiritual power that not only gave all those people life but also protected them from any harm or so called danger. And this unique festival turned out to be an occasion for family reunions.

On this day people started attending church services in honor of the Virgin Mary. And later this practice became a tradition. This festival gained so much significance that it was treated as the day when apprentices, servants and children specifically those working as domestic helps or as trainees, were given the day off so that they could visit their mother and family. These people, realizing the warmth of the occasion used to come back home with several gifts, flowers and unique Mothering Day cakes to celebrate their reunion. This day became an occasion when people could spend one special day with their mothers. Even today the Mother’s Day celebrations means the time for the children to express their love and concern towards their moms. And they do so by giving presents, flowers and other home made cards and crafts to their mothers.