It was my birthday and one of my friends presented a video game to me as birthday gift. I was so happy to get that game that I almost forgot rest of the world and was busy all the time with that game only. I was so crazy about that video game that despite repeated warnings from my mom I did not care much about my forthcoming exams. I used to spend all my time with that game only and hence did not do studies at all. Therefore when the result of the exam was declared I scored very less in all the subjects. This made my mom so furious that she broke my video game. I was so very disappointed to see this that tears rolled down on my cheeks and without saying a single word I went to my room and locked the room from inside. And I did not come out even for the dinner. Next day again I did not talk to my mom and went to school without having breakfast. When I returned from school I found the same video game in a new pack lying on my study tale in my room. And a chit was attached to it, which read, “Your behavior has hurt me. You did not eat anything since last evening just because of this game so here it is. Go and have your lunch. You should not forget that studies are no less important so do not ignore your studies for such games.” ~ Your Mom.

I went straight to my mom and thanked her for the video game and also made a promise to her that I will never ever sacrifice my studies. And then we had lunch together as she too had eaten nothing since I ate nothing.

~ Rozane Nee