It was a cold evening of winters. As usual I was playing with my friend. Suddenly we had an argument on some issue, as the children often do while playing. This argument later turned into a fight between us. My friend threw a small stone towards me, which hit me just below my right eye and I felt severe pain there. It enraged me and I punched him on his face and broke his glasses. He ran straight towards his parents and complained about me. As we were neighbors and he had reached home before me so I was afraid that his as well as my parents would definitely scold me. On the other hand I had no option but to go home. So I collected my courage and reached home but still I was greatly scared of the consequences that awaited me. As soon as I stepped into my home my mom ran towards me and asked in a worried tone whether I was hurt anywhere. Her concern for me made me lose my patience and I started shedding tears. Later I told her about what had happened there. She said, “I know my son cannot hit anyone without a genuine reason”.

This confidence of my mom in me till date inspires me to move on the right path.

~ Ashutosh Sinha