There was a cycling competition in our school and I was participating in it. Therefore I used to practice cycling every evening after coming back from the school. That day also I rode my bicycle and went away. But somehow that day I could not get back home on time. My mom waited for me for a little while but later she became worried about me and sent my younger sister after me to call me back. My sister was just eight years old then and she did not take my mom’s instructions seriously and went back to her room to complete her homework. While doing her homework somehow she fell asleep. On the other hand my mom thought that she has gone to get me back and she waited for both of us to come back. And after around half an hour when I returned home alone she enquired whereabouts of my sister. I told her that I did not see her and both of us became worried about her. We locked the home and went outside to search her. My mom even filed a FIR with the local police and informed all the relatives and friends that she is either lost or kidnapped. The police demanded her photograph to begin their search therefore my mom went to get her photo from her room and there she found her sleeping. Then only my mom relaxed but all this confusion created a real comic scene.

I just cannot forget that incident.

~ Charlie