One fine morning I was going to my school. As I was passing through the park I saw a small pup in the bush. It was trying hard to get out of the bush but despite repeated attempts failed. I helped him get rid of that thorny bush. He was so badly hurt by the thorns of the bush that he was bleeding and therefore was crying with pain. I decided to get back home and carried the wounded pup with me to my home. I took it before my mom and requested her to do something for it. Earlier she was frightened to that pup because she hated dogs. But when she saw the critical condition of the pup then only she dared to touch it. She applied ointment on its wounds and she also allowed me to keep the pup in the home only till it recovers completely. But gradually that little pup became very dear to my mom too and she allowed me to keep in the home forever.

Such a great lady my mom is.

~ Niel