4 – 6 lb Pork Roast
2 chopped Onions
1 chopped Bell Pepper
6 – 8 flakes Garlic
Creole seasoning to taste Salt to taste
Black Pepper to taste
Roasted Garlic Liquid to taste

How to make pork pot roast recipe:

  • Make slits in the roasted pork with a knife every few inches. Each slit should be half way through the thickness of the roast.
  • Now stuff each slit in the roast with a pinch of every ingredient required.
  • Now inject the garlic liquid in the roast at several locations and also rub the outside with the liquid.
  • Marinate this roast for 24 hours.
  • Then take a black iron pot and add little cooking oil. Sear the roast in it till it is dark brown from all the sides.
  • When the roast is done add the onions and stir till they are brown. After the onions are done add the celery, bell pepper, some minced garlic and little water and cook for 15 minutes.
  • Now transfer the pork roast in a rice pot and then pour the onion gravy. Add water enough to cover the roast. Cover the rice cooker and cook for sometime. After every half hour stir the roast and check the water. When the rice gets cooked the roast is ready to be served hot.