Mary Catherine Shannon I know a place that’s paradiseFor “gamesters” of all sorts-For young and old competitors,For in-and-outdoor sports. The tournaments get under wayEach Saturday at dawn-With board games on the carpetAnd baseball on the lawn. There’s poker played for bottle capsAnd football just for kicks,Plus every other kind of thrillFrom jacks to pick-up-sticks. This …

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The Family

Mary Loberg The familyis like a gardenwith joyfor all to share,With tender, growing blossomsthat thrive on loveand care,And whenthe flowers are gatheredfor a very special day,They makea bright and beautifulhappiness bouquet.

I Love You

Carl Sandburg “I love you,”said a great mother.“I love you for what you areknowing so well what you are.And I love you more yet, child,deeper yet than ever, child,for what you are going to be,knowing so well you are going far,knowing your great works are ahead,ahead and beyond,yonder and far over yet.”

I Believe In You

I believe in your wisdom. I believe in everything you have taught me I believe in the hope you inspire,and the dreams you encourage I believe in myself,because you believed in me first.

My Mommy Cuddles Me

My mommy cuddles mekisses me, hugs me and misses me pampers me, praises me, alwaysamazes me Washes my clothes for me,tickles my toes for me, giggles and talks with me,and also goes on walks with me, Says “sweet dreams” to me,Sings sweet songs to me, I am glad she belongs to me..

The Sweetest Mother

Our mother is the sweetest andMost delicate of all. She knows more of paradiseThan angels can recall. She’s not only beautifulBut passionately young, Playful as a kid, yet wiseAs one who has lived long. Her love is like the rush of life,A bubbling, laughing spring That runs through all like liquid lightAnd makes the mountains …

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What ‘Mother’ Means

M… is for the million things she gave me, O… means only that she’s growing old, T… is for the tears she shed to save me, H… is for her heart of purest gold; E… is for her eyes, with love-light shining, R… means right, and right she’ll always be. Put them all together, they …

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Happy Mothers Day Means More

“Happy Mother’s Day” means moreThan have a happy day. Within those words lie lots of thingsWe never get to say. It means I love you first of all,Then thanks for all you do. It means you mean a lot to me,And that I honor you. But most of all, I guess it meansThat I am …

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Always Mom

You were my fairy tale princess,So much larger than life. You were my angel and my witnessThrough all my pain and strife. At times you made me angry,Great words I would proclaim How someday you’d be sorry.You were the one to blame. But when I needed comfortingYou alway found the time. Your words were more …

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God Created Mothers

God knew that little ones need loveso He created mothersWith understanding hearts andgentle hands that care for others… They feed us and they hug usand they help us find our things…Then later on, they step asideand let us try our wings… We know the’re always on our sidewhatever may befall,That’s why we need them just …

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A Mother Is Loving

You are special and loving,and the closest part of my Heart you’re an epitome of Love and kindness,and so special There’s no one like a Mother andno Mother quite like you… You are so very thoughtful and caring,and I just want to thank you Mother, for making my life brighter.

What Is A Mother

A heart that can hearevery unspoken need,Wisdom to knowwhen to quietly lead,Hands that reach out,always helping and sharing-A mother is caring! Eyes that reflectevery joy that you find,Arms to encircle,but never to bind,A talent for makingthe most out of living-A mother is giving! A voice that can sootheor inspire or delight,A smile that keeps shiningwhen …

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How God Created Mother

God took the fragrance of a flower,The majesty of a tree,The gentleness of morning dew,The calm of a quiet sea,The beauty of a twilight hour,The soul of a starry nightThe laughter of the rippling brook,The grace of a bird in flight,Then God fashioned from these thingsA creation like no other,And when His masterpiece was through,He …

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Mother Is Just A Simple Word

Mother is just a simple wordyet it’s especially dear… And it seems to mean muchmore with each passing year… Each word of Love and Affectiondescribes you mother… It’s a word that’s filled with love,a word that reflects everything that’swonderful – Wonderful just like you.

God Made A Wonderful Mother

God made a wonderful mother,A mother who never grows old; He made her smile of the sunshine,And He moulded her heart of pure gold; In her eyes He placed bright shining stars,In her cheeks fair roses you see; God made a wonderful mother,And He gave that dear mother to me.

Your Arms Were Always Open

Your arms were always openwhen I needed a hug Your heart understandwhen I needed a friend Your gentle eyes were sternwhen I needed a lesson Your strength and loveguided me and gave me wingsto help me soar.

When God Planted His Garden

When the wise God planted His garden,scattering the seeds from above,The choicest seed in His packetWas the flower of Mother-love. Carefully watched o’er and tended,Nurtured by sunshine and shower,Ever growing sturdy and stronger,It blooms-a beautiful flower. A flower so sweet and entrancing,Dazzling and shining and white,A love that guards us and guides usThrough hfe~our beacon …

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