Paper Flower Craft Idea

You can make beautiful and attractive multicolored paper flowers for your mom on the special occasion of Mother’s Day. You can do so by making use of colored cupcake liners. This craft is a real good idea, as these flowers would not get dried and hence could be stored for a longer period.

Materials Needed
1. Green construction papers
2. A container of colored paper cupcake liners
3. Scissors
4. Cotton balls
5. Glue stick
6. Crayons
7. Photo of mom and child

The Making
1. Firstly take a container of colored paper cupcake liners and a few green construction papers.
2. Cut out from the green construction paper some stems and leaves.
3. Choose one liner per flower to be the blossom of the flower.
4. Make sure that you keep the liner standing upright and do not compress it.
5. Then paste a cotton ball in the center of the cupcake holder. It would symbolize the inside of the flower.
6. Now attach the entire flower bloom to the top of the stem with glue.
7. Finally allow all the flowers to dry.
8. To make it even more beautiful paste a photo of mother and child in the center of the flower.

You can also write lovely messages on the stem or leaves wishing your mom a very happy Mother’s Day.