Every mother of the world is the world’s best mom for her child. So if you too feel that your mom is the best in the world then it is time to honor her on this Mother’s Day. Present her the world’s best mom crown and you would see how emotional she becomes.

Materials Needed

1. Pencil
2. Heavy Construction Paper
3. Scissors
4. Glue
5. Paper punch
6. Crayons and colors
7. Ribbon
8. Decorative items like stars, glitters etc.

The Making

1. First of all draw a crown shape of your choice (triangle or round) on the heavy construction paper.

2. Then cut your chosen shape out of the heavy construction paper.

3. Now designing and decorating the crown base entirely depends on your imagination. You can paint it with different colors.

4. You can also stick various decorative items on the crown base. You can decorate the crown as beautifully as you wish.

5. With the help of paper punch put two holes on both the ends of the crown base in such a way that the crown could cover the forehead of your mom.

6. Finally tie a sufficiently long piece of ribbon through both the holes of the crown so that it could be comfortably tied around your mom’s head.