A coupon book is one of the best gift items for moms on the Mother’s Day. It is very easy to make a coupon book so you can yourself make this simple coupon book for your mom and give it to her as a personalized gift.

Materials Needed
White Papers
A printer
Paper punch
Crayons and colors

The Making
To make the coupon book follow these steps:

1. First of all draw the outer lines and other designs of your choice on the white papers leaving a good margin for writing the text.
2. Then print out the coupon pages.
3. Then cut out the coupons following the outer lines on the pages.
4. To make sure that all the pages are of the same size, trim the edges of all the coupons.
5. With the help of paper punch put two holes on the left side of all the coupons in such a way that collectively they could be bounded as a book.
6. Finally string the ribbon through the holes of all the coupon pages and tie them into a nice bow.
7. Rest depends on your creativity. You can also decorate these coupons with the help of crayons and colors.
8. You can also write your personalized or other unique messages for your mom on those coupons.