Family Tree Craft

Family tree is something that helps children know their ancestry. This is a different idea as it develops a sense of togetherness among the family members. Though family tree is simple to make but it makes a very impressive idea.

Materials Needed
1. A stem having many twigs
2. Construction paper of green color
3. Crayons and markers
4. Scissors
5. Thread
6. Punch
7. Paper cup
8. A lump of clay
9. Glue stick
10. Balloons

The Making
1. Firstly take the paper cup and put the lump of clay in the base of this cup.

2. Then take the stem having many twigs and place the same in the cup firmly so that it remains erect.

3. Now cut out big leaves from the green construction paper. Each one of these leaves will represent a person in your family. Please note that these leaves should be big enough to hold the person’s name. Make sure that you cut enough leaves for each member of the family.

4. After cutting all the leaves write the name of the concerned person on every leaf.

5. You can make it more interesting by specifying in writing your relationship with each person.

6. Make a hole on the end of each leaf, with the help of the punch.

7. Finally attach all the leaves to the stem that you consider as the tree.

8. You need to be careful while attaching the leaves to the tree, as the leaves with the names of the latest generation people should be kept at the top of the tree.

9. Then attach the leaves with the names of their parents at the second level and their grandparents coming at the bottom of the family tree.

10. At last to further decorate this sweet family tree you can tie balloons to the twigs of this tree.