Make Scrapbook For Mother’s Day

Do you remember each & every moment you have spent with your mom? If yes; then it’s a great idea to make a scrap book & present it to your mom on this mother’s day.

Mothers Day Scrapbook

SCRAP BOOK is a book which contains sweet & salty memories. You can also add pictures to it but the main idea is to memories the old golden memories. It works as a memory book & whenever she will turn their pages you will be cherished by it. However you could get lots of scrap books in market but it will be nice if you will make it by your self. It will show your love, affection toward your mom. Now before preparing for making scrap book keep some points in your mind

  • Make the scrap book of at least ten pages. Ten pages will be sufficient if you don’t have lots of thing to include. Remember that you are making a scrap book so you should include most memorable moments & picture of you & your mom. If you will add every thing then it will look like daily dairy.
  • Your idea should be to tell your life story through photos & nice captions. Give the captions with lots of care & it should be very attractive. Moreover it should be self explanatory that if any one will turn the pages, he or she could understand it by going through the captions.
  • If you are making the scrap book by your self its very & if not then also its not the matter to be worried. You just have to give some personal touch to the book.
  • If you are making it by your self you can decorate the cover of your scrap book with the help of dried flowers & a photograph of you & your mom together. Don’t forget to get the cover laminated otherwise it will lost its beauty very early.
  • As you are devoting your scrap book to your mom, your first page should contain a photograph of your mom with a nice poem or a card on mother’s day. The poem could be your own or you can write it from somewhere else. It will be nice, if the poem or card whatever you will use will able to express your fillings.
  • Try to put the photographs in chronological order so that it looks like a film. As your mom will turn the pages she will lost in the past. The sweet memories of her life will again come in front of her.
  • You must use only those photographs in which she is present. Don’t try to use those photograph which are not of any use. You should always remember that a single photograph is worth than thousand of words. So be very careful & choosey while choosing the photos.
  • You can give the start up with a picture of your pregnant mom & continue it with the photographs of you as a growing baby in which your mom is doing your work. Make sure that in all the photos your mom must be there. You can add the photos of your school & college days. Your sibling’s photos should be added simultaneously.
  • At the end of your scrap book put a family photograph, which must be of recent one. Put the family photograph at the left side of your scrap book so that you can put one photograph of your mom again at the right hand side.
  • You can add a quotation on your mom at the end of the book. Write in a very beautiful & creative manner. Keep in mind that it will be kept by your mom for life long so make it attractive so that she can show it to her grand children also.
  • Moreover you can leave some pages blank that could be used by your mom for writing or she can add some photographs which is with her & no one knows about them.

Scrap book made by you will be a precious gift for your mother. She will keep it for life time & it will be an unforgettable moment for her. Through this scrap book you will be able to show her that how she was behind you in all conditions of your life. It will enable you to express your feelings that how you feel about her. Your mom will surely enjoy the scrap book you had especially made for her.