Homemade Photo Album

Photo Album is not just a bundle of photos but it is more than that. It is a memory lane in which everyone loves to go through again and again. And so is the case with all the moms also. The hand made photo album is able to reflect the genuine love and concern that you have for your dear mom.

Materials Needed
1. Heavy construction paper
2. Glue
3. Scissors
4. Crayons and colors
5. Colored pencil
6. Ribbon
7. Selected Photographs
8. Paper punch

The Making
1. First of all draw heart shape (or any other shape of your choice) on the heavy construction paper.

2. Then cut numerous cardboard hearts (or your chosen shapes) out of heavy construction paper.

3. To make sure that all the sheets are of the same size, trim the edges of all the sheets.

4. With the help of paper punch put two holes on the left side of all the sheets in such a way that collectively they could be bounded as an album.

5. Finally string the ribbon through the holes of all the sheets and tie them into a nice bow.

6. Now attach one photograph on each sheet of the album using the glue.

7. You can also decorate each sheet of the album around the photos with the help of crayons and colors.