Handmade Diary Craft

Usually mothers are so much involved in the upbringing of their children and their household responsibilities that they hardly get time for themselves. On this Mother’s Day present a hand made personal diary to your mom and let her realize her identity as an individual by requesting her to record her views in it.

Materials Needed
1. Colored Papers
2. Scissors
3. Stapler
4. Markers or crayons
5. Lipstick

The Making

1. Firstly cut the numerous papers into any one equal size square, rectangle, round or oval shapes.

2. Then staple all the sheets together in the form of a diary.

3. Prepare a cover page of this diary by decorating it with the crayons and write on it either simply “Personal Diary” or “Love You Mom” in a stylish way.

4. You can also decorate each page with different designs and colors.

5. You can mark all the pages with kiss by applying the lipstick on each page of the diary.

Present this personal diary to your mom with a note explaining that she can redeem each page for a real kiss. The mom’s will certainly appreciate this nice gift.