A colorful birds card made by you is just great for your mom on the Mother’s Day. It is very simple to make such card from construction paper, as it requires very little efforts.

Materials Needed
1. Construction paper
2. Pencil
3. Scissors
4. Punch
5. Paste stick
6.. Markers or crayons

The Making
1. Firstly take two pieces of construction paper; fold them half, making two cards shapes.

2. Now put the folded cards one inside the other.

3. Draw half a bird along the fold of one of them.

4. Hold the two cards together and cut along the line you just drew. This will result into two birds.

5. Take only one of the birds, fold it again and draw a smaller bird within it.

6. Cut along the line you just drew.

7. Make a series of holes; with the help of punch, along the edges of the two pieces you just cut.

8. Paste one of these pieces onto the larger, uncut bird.

9. Turn over the large bird and glue on the other cut piece.

10. Finally cut a colorful body for your bird.

11. Then paste it onto the inside of your bird.

12. You can also decorate your bird using crayons and markers etc.

The beautiful birds card is ready now. Write a message for your dear mom on this card and present it to her.