Do Something Special for Mother’s Day

To make this day special for your mom you can try either any one or all of the following ideas…

You can also celebrate the Mother’s Day in an unusual but special way by doing some of the following activities especially for your mom on this day and thus you can make it unforgettable for her…

  • Keep reminding her the entire day “I Love you Mom”.
  • Make cakes, pastries or some other snacks for her.
  • Prepare some skit for her with your friends.
  • Organize an eve full of entertainment like songs, poems, plays, jokes etc.
  • Decorate your entire home and especially your mom’s room.
  • Visit or call your Mother if you stay away from her and spend time with her on this day.
  • Get flowers for her. Try to get her favorite flowers.
  • Arrange candle light dinner at home for your mom.
  • On this day just go and make-up with your Mom. There should be no disputes with Mom.
  • Get the breakfast in bed for your Mom as she does for you.
  • Take your mom for outing.
  • Take Mom out to Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner or all the three.
  • Take Mother for a drive somewhere that she would like to go.
  • Take your Mom on a cruise.