Mothers Day Spa Special Ideas

Moms usually love spa treatment and going to beauty saloons. On the Mother’s Day arrange these for them and make their day.

On the Mother’s Day you can also celebrate the day by booking some spa treatment for your mom. Moms usually forget caring for themselves while caring for their home and family. So on this Mother’s Day it is your turn to remind her that her family also cares for her. Give Mom a gift to go to a spa, have a coiffure or manicure & pedicure. Ask her to have a break and relax at least for one day. Take her to the preplanned destination and let her feel completely stress less as well as tension free. This will certainly give her a chance to rediscover herself in a new way. The satisfaction that she receives through this treatment during those precious moments of relaxation, you will be able to see only when she comes out of the saloon. The feeling of content and that inner happiness on her face reflected through her eyes will definitely assure you that your decision about taking her there was perfectly correct.

With Mother’s Day around many salon’s run Mother’s Day special offers.. that too at discounted price. 

Mothers Day Spa Special

You can gift her a Mother’s Day gift certificate to her favorite salon.

Mothers’s Day Spa Special Package includes

60 mins Swedish Massage, Salt Body Scrub, Aromatherapy Facial, Private Steam Room , Light Refreshments and a photo taken at Mother’s Day special photo booth.

OR something more exotic like

Peach Sorbet Manicure, Vanilla Exfoliating Arm Massage, Aromatic Jacuzzi followed with complimentary Wine and fresh fruits.

Mother’s Day Weekend Spa Getaway:

Pamper your mother with Mother’s Day Weekend package available at many luxury hotels which includes Full Use of the Spa Facility – Sauna, Steam Room, Jaccuzi, Pool, Salon Services, Lunch Buffet with complimentary evening teas, cookies, head and foot massages, meditation classes. Just perfect for a relaxed weekend.


You can also try Mother Daughter saloon & spa services wherein both of you can relax, enjoy and have a good time together…