The Gift of Motherhood: 10 Truths for Every Mother

by Cherie Carter-Scott

the gift of motherhood 10 truths

The work of a motivational speaker like Cherie Carter-Scott has the potential to make a perfect gift for the moms especially on the Mother’s Day.

Cherie Carter-Scott is also known as a motivational speaker. In her work “The Gift of Motherhood: 10 Truths for Every Mother” Cherie commemorates the maternal role. Through this book the author offers ten insights about motherhood. These are not just about what she has gleaned from personal experience but also from years of coaching women all over the world. The universals that she has presents in the book are examined in-depth. And are believed to be illustrated by inspiring anecdotes from real-life moms. The book “The Gift of Motherhood” is also treated as a how-to guide to parenting. It proposes practical strategies for dealing with mother-daughter conflicts and at the same time also helps you in envisioning the type of mother you want to become. This book could be referred to as a perfect guide for being both friend and an authority figure to your child. Each of Scott’s ten truths serves to demystify the role of mother and thus provides support for the struggling parent.

This book could really prove to be a very nice gift for your dear mom.