The Common Thread: Mothers, Daughters, and the Power of Empathy

by Martha Manning

the common thread - mothers daughters and power of empathy

This page gives you a detailed idea about the content of the book “The Common Thread: Mothers, Daughters, and the Power of Empathy”.

Martha Manning is a professional clinical psychologist. Martha seems to have a deep as well as intensive knowledge of those things, which play a very significant role in making up mother-daughter relationships. She has dealt very well with understanding of this different relationship and has called it ‘the common thread’ that binds them together. This piece of work has resulted into a detailed, vast cover, full with facts, anecdotes. At the same time, she has also narrated her own convincing experiences from daughterhood as well as motherhood so tactfully and skillfully that when pieced together they make an amazing collection in the form of the book.

This is again a great gift for your mom especially on the ‘Mother’s Day’.