I’ll Never Have Sex With You Again: Tales from the Delivery Room

by Larry Bleidner, Irene Zutell

I Never Have Sex with You Again Tales from the Delivery Room

Larry Bleidner and Irene Zutell have so nicely illustrated the real stories in their collection that it makes a perfect Mother’s Day gift.

This book is a comical collection of real stories. These real stories are narrated by the moms, dads, labor nurses and the common people next door. These stories define the phrase “up close and personal” in a completely new and interesting way. The stories of several celebrities are included in this work, from Nikki Sixx to Faith Hill, Lucy Lawless to Phyllis Diller, Erin Brockovich to Peggy Noonan. And all of these stories prove the same thing that delivery room is certainly a no-spin region.

Your mom would like this collection of selected stories for sure. And the comic touch in this book will really make her enjoy the book.