Fifty Celebrate Fifty

Fifty Celebrate Fifty - Fifty Extraordinary Women

Fifty Extraordinary Women Talk About Facing, Turning and Being Fifty   The Editors Of “More” Magazine have planned this extraordinary book, which really has the potential to inspire the women of each age group. The book “Fifty Celebrate Fifty: Fifty Extraordinary Women Talk About Facing, Turning and Being Fifty”, is actually a book that contains …

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Still Woman Enough: A Memoir

still woman enough

by Loretta Lynn On this Mother’s Day gift your mom the interesting work of Loretta Lynn. This book will really please your mom. Loretta Lynn is appreciated as an experienced woman who has seen it all and therefore can rightly be called a real woman’s woman. In her book “Still Woman Enough: A Memoir by …

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A Song Flung up to Heaven


 by Maya Angelou Find out yourself, through this write up, what makes the book “A Song Flung up to Heaven” so much readable. This book is a part of Maya Angelou’s autobiographical series. Through this book Angelou has tried to focus on her personal life. In this series Angelou acknowledges the help she received along …

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Busy Woman’s Cookbook

busy womans cookbook

by Sharon and Gene McFall “Busy Woman’s Cookbook” is a rich collection of extremely delicious and simple to cook recipes, which your mom would just love to possess. In their book “Busy Woman’s Cookbook”, the authors Sharon and Gene McFall have shared more than 500 recipes. This book with such a rich collection of recipes …

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Your Mother Looks Good

your mother looks good

by Phyllis Mikwright, Bob Mikwright Read out this page to have an idea about the subject matter of the book “Your Mother Looks Good”. Your mom would certainly enjoy this book. “Your Mother Looks Good” – this book basically features the sidesplitting photographs. And at the same time it also features Tim’s, Phyllis’ and Bob’s …

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A Beautiful Mind


by Sylvia Nasar The book “A Beautiful Mind” is considered one of the best books. Check it out yourself what is its theme. This book is about the life of great John Nash who has been known as a ‘Mathematical Genius‘. It is the same John Nash who has also been a Nobel Laureate. This …

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Find Me

find me book

by Rosie O’Donnell The following content has the general idea about the basic theme of the book “Find Me”. This book is all about a captivating story of Rosie’s real-life experiences. It is about how she comes to know about and then helps a 14 year-old girl who is pregnant. The book describes Rosie’s anxiety towards …

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