Busy Woman’s Cookbook

by Sharon and Gene McFall

busy womans cookbook

“Busy Woman’s Cookbook” is a rich collection of extremely delicious and simple to cook recipes, which your mom would just love to possess.

In their book “Busy Woman’s Cookbook”, the authors Sharon and Gene McFall have shared more than 500 recipes. This book with such a rich collection of recipes is sure to ease a mother’s greatest domestic burden. This back-to-the-basics book offers three- and four-element recipes, which are certainly very useful for those moms who usually have little time or inclination to experiment in the kitchen. The recipes mentioned in this book are composed of easily accessible ingredients that take the complexity out of cooking. From Old Time Meat Loaf to Skinny Minny Pork Chops, from Cinnamon Coffee Cake to Sopaipillas, creative ideas for appetizers, entrees, salads and desserts, all are presented not only simply but also briefly. Amusing anecdotes and fascinating facts, which are exactly 200, about famous women just, enliven the text of the book. The sturdy cover and spiral binding make this interesting book easy to handle and hence durable in the kitchen.

It is sure that your mom is certainly going to appreciate this book if she ever comes across it. So why not please her by presenting the same to her.