Mother’s Day Celebration Around The World

This article gives complete insight about mother’s day celebration around the world. Mother’s day tradition around the world is different from each other but the feeling is same to thanks mom. Here we are to help you in getting knowledge about how mother’s day is celebrated world over.

Mother’s day, a special day devoted to the mothers of the world. What a mother does in her whole life no one can do it & Mother’s day, a special day devoted to the mothers of the world. What a mother does in her whole life no one can do it & its a truth which no one can deny. On one hand devoting a single day to mothers is a very small gift for them on the other by celebrating this day we remember them, try to do whatever we can do for them. We all celebrate it; enjoy it & try to keep her happy. I think you must be thinking same about your mom.

However Mother’s Day has its own history & story. And due to globalization or say festival devoted to express love & gratitude to your mother, it has been accepted by lots of countries of the world with their own rituals, enthusiasm & joy. Now, this can be a good question that how mother’s day is celebrated world over. So, let me tell you Americans were first to celebrate this day as Mothers day on second Sunday of May. This day was declared as official holiday by American President Woodrow Wilson in 1914. After this people started celebrating this day in their countries & gradually it became the part of their society & culture. But basically it started from ancient Greece where people honor Rhea ‘The mother of gods’. It was the beginning of mom’s day. If we will see mother’s day celebration around the world is different from each other.

  • In Australia people wear carnation on this day. Colored carnation indicates that person’s mother is alive while a person who is wearing white carnation signifies deceased mother. People in Australia also celebrate this day with great joy & enthusiasm. They give gifts, cards, flowers & lots of love to their mom.
  • In Canada Mothers day is a famous festival like Christmas & valentine day. In their culture the best way to express themselves is through cards or flowers. Due to commercialization the prices of flowers and cards touches sky. On this day children gives gifts to their grand mothers also.
  • In India the system of celebrating Mothers day on a very particular day is a new concept. However people in India had always honored their maa. They had full respect for their mother. As the celebration of Mothers day came here from other countries it has not extended to all the nook & corner of the India. But we can see its effect in metropolitan & big cities. Children of these cities also celebrate this day by giving gifts, flowers, parties, love & gratitude to their maa.
  • In UK the day for celebrating the mother’s day is different from US. Here the mother’s day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday in month of Lent but the excitement & verve are same for the day. As the Lent days are not fixed the date for mother’s day keeps changing. However the history of mother’s day of UK is older than US it was celebrated from 17th century with name of Mothering Sunday. The tradition is going on with the same jest & enthusiasm. Children’s celebrate this day by paying tribute & thanks for giving such a lovely life to them. Cards & flowers are the most favored gift by children’s for their mom on this day.
  • In USA the history of Mother’s day celebration is not so old but it has its own story. It was the effort of Julia Ward Howe & Ms Anna Jarvis that the second Sunday of May was declared as Mother’s day. The president of America Mr. Woodrow Wilson declared this day as national holiday on 8th May 1914 by signing a joint resolution. After this Americans started celebrating it with great joy & enthusiasm. The restaurants are full on this day or they serve breakfast to their mother by making it by themselves to keep their mother far away from kitchen. They give gifts, cards, flowers & party for showing love & gratitude to their mom. In this way they try to show that how important they are in their life.
  • The South Africans celebrate this day for giving their mothers lots of gratitude & to thank them for all their love & care. On this occasion they wear traditional carnation, were the pink or red carnation symbolize live mother & white symbolizes for deceased mothers. Children not only thank their mother but they also thank their grand mothers & those who are like mother with the help of cards & flowers.

With various mother’s day tradition around the world, mother’s day is celebrated in approximately 40 countries to thanks their mother for their love & care. The dates or day may be different in various countries but the spirit for celebrating is same everywhere. Everyone try to honor their mom for bringing up this beautiful life. So now you can also pay gratitude to your mom.

Happy Mothers Day !!! to all the mothers of this world.