Mothering Sunday Facts

Through this page you will come to know about some interesting facts about the Mothering Sunday facts, cake and furmety.

Mothering Sunday is basically connected with the British culture.

It was firstly celebrated in England or Britain.

It was celebrated there in the beginning of the 17th century.

It was honored on the fourth Sunday in Lent

From the beginning it was celebrated as a day when apprentices and servants were allowed to return to their homes.

The purpose behind their returning was to visit their mothers and spend the day with them.

The people returning to home usually brought some gift with them.

The gift often used to be a “Mothering Cake“, which is a kind of fruitcake or fruit-filled pastry that is also known as “Simnels“.

Gradually people started having family dinner on this day and later it became a tradition.

During the Mothering Sunday celebrations a sweetened boiled cereal dish was often served at the family dinner, which was known as “Furmety“.

By the 19th century, the holiday had almost completely died out.

But after World War II people started celebrating the “Mothering Sunday” once again.

Later when American servicemen brought the customs, the commercial enterprises used it as an occasion for sales etc.

Mothering Sunday is the “Mother’s Day” in Britain.