Gifts for Mom on the go

Along with being the simple home managers moms could also be techno savvy. If your mom is one of them this page is for you.

On The Go Mothers

The Hi-Tech moms are generally techno savvy. They are fond of technical items as well as electronic appliances.

  • They are very curious about new and latest technology.
  • And they wish to possess such technical things.
  • They want their children to join some technical line as their career.
  • These moms usually prefer to give a try to repair the electronic things themselves before taking them to the mechanic.
  • They are very caring about their personal computer, plasma television, laptop, digital camera DVD player and other such equipments.
  • They just love to have a wide range of CDs and DVDs.
  • As they lean heavily on technical aspect of the things, they believe in analyzing cause and effects of the things.
  • Usually they are very inquisitive.
  • And therefore they can ask for explanations about your specific conduct.

Hi-Tech Mother’s Interests:

  • Reading Science Magazines
  • Possession of newest models of things
  • Having a Personal Robot
  • Lots of Automatic Gadgets