Famous Celebrity Mothers

Plan a perfect and special dinner for your mom on the mother’s Day and tell her how much special she is.

Mothers are mothers whether she is a celebrity or not. Heart of each woman is same for her child. Nothing in this world can change her. Neither popularity nor money. In this beautiful world Mothers are gift of god for a child. Being a celebrity the responsibility of her towards her child triplicates because its going to be covered in media. There are lots of celebrity mother in this small world & they are very responsible towards her child. Angelina Jolie, Madonna, Pamela Adder son, Princess Diana ands lots more are in the list. They all are at the top after being the mother of a child.

In this world there is a misconception about the celebrity moms that they don’t care about their children. They are not able to give time to them. But its not true at all. There was a time when working women were not interested in having a child but now the concept has been changed due to these celebrity moms only. Now a normal working woman thinks that if a celebrity can care her child in her busy schedule then why can’t we? The credit goes to all the celebrity mothers. So now at this special day for mothers we should know about some of the celebrity moms.

  • A name which no one can forget is Late Princess Diana. She was a lady with lots of charm & sweetness inside her heart for children. She was very famous during her life time & after her death also. But she always took care of her sons Prince William & Prince Henry. She was called as “princess of people” & now also people like her as before.
  • In today’s world one of the name which people will always remember for her motherhood is Angelina Jolie. She has four kids & out of which three are adopted. Maddox, Zahara & Pax are adopted child while Shiloh is her own born child. From the media reports it can easily be seen that she takes care her child very well & she has not adopted them just for publicity. She keeps four of them with her. She has been proved to be good mother.
  • Pamela Anderson a name with lots of controversies. She is a woman with whom controversies are associated as her name but she never ignored her child. Her two of the son Brandon & Dylan are never ignored by her. She takes care of her sons as other mothers. She has been proved to be very good mother.
  • Madonna, Kate Hudson, Nicole Kidman & Salma Hayek are also some of the mothers who are very conscious about their child. They takes care them as like other moms. They are all very good examples of celebrity mothers. They go together with their work & child. They are super moms.

However including some names doesn’t mean that other moms whose name are not there are not good mother but the matter is that it is not possible to write everyone name because the list is very long & it will keep on increasing. On the occasion of Mothers day lots of magazines & websites start doing surveys for best celebrity mothers but it doesn’t affect anyone. The surveys are just for themselves & readers. Moreover the love, affection & care which these mothers give to their child are memorable because they take out this time from there busy schedule. Whatever they did for their child is similar to the other moms. Being a celebrity mom doesn’t changes the attitude, love, affection &care for her child although a mother is a mother. They manage every thing for them. HATS OFF TO THESE CELEBRITY MOTHERS.