Dinner table Setting Guide

Set a perfect dinner table by following the instructions given below for the family dinner on the special occasion of the Mother’s Day.

First step in setting the table is to select a linen tablecloth. It could be either white or of any other color of your choice. While selecting the linen make sure that the linen patterns do not clash with the china patterns.

Second Step – Chargers
Second step is to place the ‘Chargers’ or the dinner plates on the table. Chargers are those decorative elements that enhance the color and overall texture of the table. They are placed underneath the dinner plates. While using the charger make sure that you place the soup and melon bowls on top.

Third Step – Napkins
Third step is to place the linen napkins in the center of the dinner plate. While placing them make sure that the napkins are folded in an elegant manner.

Fourth Step – Knives
Fourth step is to set the knives on the table. The knives should be set to the right of the dinner plate. They should be placed in such a way that the blades face inside, towards the table setting.

Fifth Step – Forks
Fifth step is to set the forks on the table. The forks should be set to the left of the dinner plate. Usually three forks are set; one each for seafood, the main course and the salad.

Sixth Step – Spoons
Sixth step is to set the spoons on the table. The spoons are set to the right of the knives to the right of the dinner plate. For a melon course, the spoon is set closest to the plate with the soupspoon on the end; for the dessertspoon is set above the plate and for the coffee spoon is set on the saucer.

Seventh Step – Glasses
Seventh step is to set the glasses on the table. The glasses are set above the plate to the right. The order of placing the glasses should be from left to right: Water glass, Red Wine glass, White Wine glass and Champagne flute.

Eighth Step – Dessert
Eighth step is to set the dessert plates or bowls and coffee cups after the dinner. If a fork is to be used with dessert it should be placed on the dessert plate. A dessertspoon should have already been set above the dinner plate and the coffee spoons to be served on the saucer.

For the Mother’s Day party, items like cups, plates, napkins etc. can be ordered to be specially designed with pictures of flowers, balloons etc.